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See Your Shots From Your Gun's Point-of-View!

All sorts of gear exists to show your shots at the range, competitions, tactical scenarios, etc. but few offer the ability to see exactly what you saw. Weaponeye is a gun-mounted camera right below the barrel that comes with a laser and flashlight to show that your bragging is well deserved.

Compatible with:

All Glock Handguns (except the 42 and 43)

Glock Airsoft

Glock BB

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What is Weaponeye?

Weaponeye is a durable HD audio/video camera, laser sight, and LED flashlight all in one that secures itself to the rail and trigger guard of the handgun. The device is activated by a button underneath the trigger guard that is pressed by simply gripping the gun. This allows you to record from within the holster, before you draw your gun, to show what was said without having to draw your gun.

The Audio/Video recording camera will provide an excellent viewing of your marksmanship from your gun's Point-of-View.


How long does Weaponeye's battery last?

With all 3 modules activated: 25 Minutes

Just the camera: 50 minutes

Just the Laser/Flashilight: About 3 hours

What handguns does Weaponeye fit on?

Weaponeye is compatible with all Glock models and generations except the Glock 42 and 43.

How much does Weaponeye cost?

Weaponeye is $99.99.

Buy Weaponeye - HD Audio/Video Camera for Glock plus Laser Sight and LED Light - Created for Sport, Law Enforcement, and Self Defence - Best Gun Mounted Camera for Glocks

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